Washington Total Loss Appraisal Clause Disputes

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In the aftermath of a car accident or in cases of theft, flood, Stolen vehicle or other unforeseen events, your vehicle might be declared a total loss by your insurance company. This term typically implies that repair costs are either equivalent to or surpass the vehicle’s retail market value. At Leverage Auto Appraisals, we believe you deserve the full retail market value for your car, inclusive of any relevant Tax, Title, and Licensing Fees, especially in Washington where you have the legal right to dispute the insurance company’s offer if it seems unjustifiably low.

The key lies in the appraisal clause of your full coverage policy. This provision enables you to hire an independent auto appraiser, like Ken Nix, a certified expert in Washington, to challenge what might seem like a lowball valuation from your insurer. If your insurance policy includes an appraisal provision, it typically follows these steps:

  1. Obtain an auto appraisal (at your expense).
  2. Your insurance company conducts its own appraisal (at its expense).
  3. Should there be a disagreement on the vehicle’s value, both appraisers select an umpire. The costs for the umpire are split equally between you and the insurance company.

At Leverage Auto Appraisals, we stand by your side in these critical moments. Whether your car has been involved in an accident, suffered damage from a storm, or been stolen, we provide a thorough, unbiased auto appraisal to ensure you receive a fair valuation. This is particularly crucial when the cost of repairs approaches or exceeds your vehicle’s market value.

In summary, don’t settle for less. If you’re facing a total loss situation in Washington and want to dispute the insurance company’s offer, rely on Leverage Auto Appraisals for accurate, reliable, and fair auto appraisal services. Your vehicle’s true car value or vehicle value should always reflect its worth in the market, and we’re here to make sure that happens.


Our all-inclusive auto appraisal service provides everything you need to determine the cash value of your vehicle. With us you can have peace of mind and confidence in your claim. Other companies may claim to be the best auto appraisers in the Pacific Northwest, but we don’t work for insurance companies like they do. Haven’t you already dealt with enough misdirection and manipulation from your insurance company?

  1. Is there an auto appraiser near me? I cover all of Washington, specializing in helping consumers with Washington total loss insurance claims as an Washington Certified Auto Appraiser since 2010.
  2. Washington Total Loss Laws. Unfortunately, Insurance companies in Washington do not have to reimburse you for the cost of the total loss appraisal. Although, normally since you get an increase in your taxes with an increase in the value, this normally will cover at least part of the cost of the appraisal. 
  3. How can I negotiate with car insurance adjusters for my car’s total loss. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Under your policy’s appraisal clause, you’re allowed to hire a vehicle appraiser and he can negotiate the claim for you.
  4. How much more can I get? My average increase this year, is $5,768.19 or 44.78 percent of the vehicle’s value. .
  5. When’s the best time to invoke my appraisal clause? The sooner the better. Ken has over a decade of experience working appraisal clause claims. Many insurance companies are known to give claimants a list of things to do if they want a higher value. Most of the times, this is just a ploy to get you to waste time while your vehicle goes down in value, so they can gain an even bigger advantage.

We Can Help! We specialize in Washington Total loss Insurance claim disputes. If your vehicle has been declared a total loss and your insurance company is not providing a fair offer, and you need help, we can provide… LEVERAGE to get the value you should be receiving. Don’t go it alone, our Licensed Auto Appraiser, Ken Nix, can help you recover your full value by producing an appraisal under the appraisal clause of your insurance policy and negotiations with your insurance company.

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Web Silvis
Web Silvis
Ken is a superhero.It has become increasingly difficult to get a fair settlement from insurance companies. It is their job to settle a claim as cheap as possible and it's my understanding that some companies even offer bonuses to your adjuster when the claim is settled for less than it could have been. Don't fall for the biased CCC One valuations!I was offered less than market value for my totaled car, calling it "actual cash value". When I kindly suggested that they were not being fair, they LOWERED the original offer by about $1000.The insurance appointed their own "independent" appraiser that agreed with their low ball value (no surprise.) Ken stepped in and held them accountable. He got me even MORE than I was asking for my car, raising my valuation by nearly 30% and my insurance company paid his fee because Oregon law requires them to if Ken increases the settlement by even 1¢!Be patient with Ken, some cases are harder than others and he is a "one man show". Trust his process and he will get you good results!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the superhero shout-out! Made me smile, especially since those "superhero rules" are more than just decoration in my office—I take 'em seriously!You hit the nail on the head about the insurance game. It's frustrating how they play hardball, lowballing offers and then daring to slash the price further when challenged. It's like they're testing to see if we'll just fold and accept whatever crumbs they throw our way.Your situation was a classic case of the insurance runaround. Stepping in to challenge that was exactly the kind of mission I gear up for. I'm glad I didn’t just meet your expectations. And yep, thanks to Oregon law, State Farm insurance company had to foot the bill for my fees, which is always a satisfying bonus for my clients in the end!I know my one-man operation can test patience sometimes, but I'm all about quality over quantity. Your trust in me paid off, and we showed them what fairness really looks like.Thanks a ton for your support and for sharing your story. It's experiences like yours that fire me up and keep me fighting the good fight. If you or anyone you need help again, I'm just a call or email away. Here’s to standing up to the giants and winning! - Ken
Jack Jones
Jack Jones
I’d give Leverage six stars if I could. I appreciate the way they went to bat for me. Ken negotiated almost double what the insurance company originally offered. I highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Jack, for the wonderful review. I apologize, as it seems my previous response didn't go through on Google. I want to express my gratitude for your trust in choosing me as your total loss auto appraiser. If only every claim could turn out as successfully as yours did, I'd love it. A 94% increase, amounting to an actual value gain of $7,349 over the market value estimated by Progressive using Mitchell/JD Powers vehicle valuation report. Makes me wonder how many people are settling for half what they should have gotten. Additionally, because your policy is based in Oregon, they were required to reimburse you for the cost of our services. Hope you never need me again, but if you do, please let me know, it was a pleasure working with you. - Ken
Scott McGraw
Scott McGraw
If your insurance company is declaring your car a total loss then you absolutely need to call Ken Nix. My insurance company only offered me $4,400 for my car. My car was old, but it had low miles. When I contacted Ken, he immediately went to work on our case. He ended up getting us $6800 for our car -- which is more than 150% what the insurance company offered.If your car is totaled, it is guaranteed that your insurance company will give you a low offer and try to rip you off. Ken does all the work of dealing with the appraiser hired by the insurance company to negotiate on your behalf. Other places will quote you a lower price than Ken, but they will just present you a report and you are on your own. Ken actually negotiates with the insurance company's appraiser to get you the best deal.Also -- if you live in Oregon -- the insurance company will have to reimburse you for the amount that you pay for Ken as long as Ken can get you at least one penny more than their offer.To summarize: I hired Ken and paid him $499. Ken was able to get me $2,400 more than my insurance company offered me and my insurance company reimbursed me for the $499 that I paid Ken.Just send Ken your insurance company's valuation report and if he knows that he can get you more, he will take your case and you will be reimbursed for what you paid him. You literally have nothing to lose.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your glowing review! I'm thrilled to hear about the success we achieved together with your total loss claim on the 2003 Toyota Prius. It's always my goal to make sure clients like you get the fair market value you deserve, not just what the insurance company initially offers.Dealing with California Casualty, brought its challenges, especially considering the age of your car versus its low mileage, which they significantly undervalued. It's a classic example of insurance companies trying to lowball, but we proved that your Prius was worth much more, achieving a 52 percent increase.Your situation highlights why it's crucial to have someone in your corner who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and negotiate directly with the insurance appraiser. Unlike some services that just hand over a report and leave you to fend for yourself, I'm committed to seeing the process through, ensuring we reach the best possible outcome.And yes, for Oregon residents, it's a win-win situation. The fact that you got reimbursed the fee for my services is just icing on the cake. I haven't raised our fee for over 6 years, even though I'm having to pay a lot more for research tools. Oregon reimbursement policy is something many don't know about, and I'm glad we could use it to your advantage.I appreciate your kind words and the trust you placed in Leverage Auto Appraisals. Stories like yours are why I do what I do—fighting to get every penny my clients deserve. If you or someone you know ever needs help again, I’m just a call away. Thanks again for sharing your experience and helping spread the word about the importance of the Total Loss Appraisal process. - Ken
Fergy Fergy
Fergy Fergy
I had an appraisal done by leverage Auto, my Appraiser's name was Ken, I've been around seven decades down I've seen and heard a lot of things but I was happy and thrilled with the results I received from Ken. I strongly suggest use this service. For me it was the best. Thanks Ken
Response from the owner: Thank you Tall, Dark and Handsome for the kind words. HA HA. You were a blast to work with. Please feel free to call me anytime just to talk. You're the best client ever. You kept me laughing so much it was just a lot of fun working with you. -Ken
Kirstie Forsey
Kirstie Forsey
I was involved in a not at fault accident in September 2023. My insurance company was giving me the run around and offered me a very low price for my 2018 Toyota 4Runner premium. I contacted Ken Nix to get a professional and more accurate evaluation of my vehicle. I am glad I did. Ken was able to get me 4K more for my vehicle than the insurance company offered me. This allowed me to be able to pay off my vehicle and have money down to get a new one. Ken was down to earth and kind; he worked diligently to get me the best price for my vehicle. I absolutely recommend him to all who are being taken advantage of by their insurance companies. Ken will get you a fair price and fast.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the Kind words Kirstie. I appreciate the trust you put in me choosing me as your auto appraiser. thank you so much! - Ken
todd marshall
todd marshall
Ken is the man, understands in real time the games the insurance company plays. Thanks Ken, nice work.
Response from the owner: Todd, as the Senior Assistant Attorney General at the Oregon Department of Justice, it is a sincere honor to meet your standards. I am extremely grateful for the invaluable insights and knowledge you have shared with me regarding Oregon law and total loss claims. Honestly, I feel I was just along for the ride, watching a master at work. I really enjoyed working with you. It was so funny that they just kept digging a deeper hole because they didn't know who you were. You're a true unsung hero to consumers throughout Oregon. Keep up the great work. - Ken
Adrian Stub
Adrian Stub
The Insurance Company forced me into an appraisal due to a low insurance offer. Ken did a great job getting a fair value. Due to Ken, we received around 33% more than the insurance companies final payout offer. The cost of the appraisal was well worth the return.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review Adrian. FYI, it was actually, it was a 63% increase, which was $8,300 more than their last offer. I really appreciate you selecting me as your auto appraiser. Although you didn't get a reimbursement since your policy wasn't in Oregon, you still got an additional $700 in tax, which more than covered the appraisal costs. 🙂 Thanks again, Ken
Lama Basha
Lama Basha
Ken is awesome! He helped me get $3,500 extra after Geico wanted to offer me way less than what my car is actually worth. I reached out to Ken and he explained the process. He was right about everything. Ken is very experienced and a pleasure to do business with. I recommend everyone to check the settlement amount with Ken before agreeing to receive it.Thanks Mr.Ken Nix for all your help!
Response from the owner: I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your auto appraiser, Lama. Once I reviewed the CCC ONE value, it became evident that it was grossly inaccurate. In particular, the third comparable they used had over 50,000 more miles than your car, which is more than double, yet they deducted $1,423 from your car's value for its condition. This logic is perplexing to me. How could a vehicle with over 50,000 more miles be in better condition and warrant a higher value? I see this consistently with some of these valuations. Thank you again! I appreciate you taking the time to write a review. -Ken
Justin Robinson
Justin Robinson
Hiring Ken was a great idea! He was able to bring my lowballing insurance offer up 27% for me which was over a $10,000 increase!!! That put a good chunk of change back in my pocket!! Couldnt be happier with how it turned out! Thanks alot for the hard work Ken i really appreciate it! Dont say yes to these insurance numbers and wake up! Youll be surprised what someone like this can actually do for you!
Response from the owner: Hi Justin, I'm incredibly grateful for your enthusiastic review. It's heartening to know that my efforts helped significantly with your insurance claim, resulting in a substantial gain for you.Your experience underscores the importance of not simply accepting initial insurance offers. It's a lesson many can benefit from, and I'm glad we could navigate this together to achieve such a positive outcome.On a related note, I'd like to share some insights that might be helpful for others reading this review. Recently, there's been a worrying trend in our industry. Appraisers from out of state are flooding the market, often lowballing their appraisal fees and then claiming a portion of the settlement. This practice is concerning because, in many cases, they charge exorbitant rates for claim negotiation or even demand up to 50% of the claim's value. For context, if I operated on a similar 50% commission basis, my earnings over the last four months would have been over $200,000, instead of the $43,000 I actually earned. This highlights the substantial impact these practices can have on both professionals in the field and policyholders.Furthermore, many of these appraisers aren't licensed to operate in Oregon, a critical issue that seems to be overlooked by regulatory bodies. This lack of oversight could have significant implications for vehicle owners and policyholders.Your review, Justin, brings much-needed attention to not only these issues, but the fact that many of these high volume appraisal companies are working for the insurance companies and appear to be taking the path of least resistance to settle quickly instead of for what vehicles are actually worth. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I'm here should you need any further assistance or advice in the future. Best wishes, Ken
Tisha Ticknor
Tisha Ticknor
Ken was very helpful and provided very sound advise. I appreciate the time he took to advise me and will definitely keep his information if I ever find a need to have a vehicle appraisal.Thank you Ken!
Response from the owner: Thank you Tisha, I really appreciate you taking the time to write a review. I happy I could answer your questions and lead you down the right road. Kind regards, Ken
Stacey Galarza
Stacey Galarza
Leverage Auto Company are outstanding -- from start to finish! I had never worked with them (or with any auto appraiser) before so I had some reservations. But I very, very quickly got a sense of trust from how they handled their basic communications with me. Excellent Experience! Great Company! Ken did a great job-thorough, knowledgeable ,professional, reliable and super available for follow-up clarifications and discussion. THANKS KEN!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate you putting your trust in me. GXXXX insurance has been doing a lot off tactics lately that I don't believe are completely ethical. I have another one I'm working right now, where they demanded that we provide the appraisal up front to give their appraiser a sneak peek. It's like playing poker and letting them see your cards before the draw their hand. mostly so they can try to discredit our comps. Of course instead of using a local appraiser, they used a company in Kansas. DMV isn't being any better. They're allowing out of state appraisers with no Oregon license to operate locally for the insurance companies, but it's another matter if local policyholders hire someone from out of state. One rule for them, another for the consumer as usual. Just not fair. And to drag this out for 2 months. That's not right either. The division of financial regulation is trying to make them treat policyholders right, but he who has the money, makes the rules or lobbies for the laws to give them an advantage.
WA prop
WA prop
Ken just helped me close the negotiations with insurance company. He was very dedicated and knowledgeable. He shared with me on each step of the progress and was very responsive. He helped me recover ~15% more than what the insurance company valued my loss. Great job, Ken.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with Leverage Auto Appraisals and myself. It's always a priority for me to keep clients well-informed at each step, ensuring transparency and building trust.I'm glad to have been able to assist in getting a more accurate and just valuation for your vehicle. That extra 15% represents not just an increase in numbers, but a testament to ensuring fairness in what can sometimes be a complex negotiation process with insurance companies when dealing with a totaled vehicle.Your acknowledgment is very much appreciated and means a lot, and I'm here to assist if you ever require any further guidance or assistance in the future. Warm regards,Ken NixLeverage Auto Appraisals


Oregon Total Loss Vehicle Appraisals

Has your Insurance Company deemed your vehicle a total loss? Are they not offering enough for your totaled car or truck? In your insurance policy, you have what is called an appraisal clause. The appraisal clause section is devised to allow you to dispute the offer your insurance company is providing.

If you do not agree with the value your own company offers, your policy may include an appraisal provision. Appraisal processes vary. Check your policy or ask the claims representative or contact us for help.


  • You get an appraisal (you pay).
  • The company gets an appraisal (it pays).
  • If the appraisers don’t agree on the value, the two appraisers agree on an umpire. You and the company each pay half of the umpire’s cost.

The first thing you need to do, is determine if it is a good decision to invoke your appraisal clause. LEVERAGE can help you by providing a free, no charge review of your total loss claim. This will provide you with the information to make a well informed decision as to whether you need to move forward with disputing your claim or not.

LEVERAGE specializes in Total Loss appraisals in Oregon and Washington. Unlike many large companies that use low generic staff to produce and negotiate your claim, with LEVERAGE, you get a highly qualified auto appraiser and negotiator to work with you to negotiate a fair claim so you can replace your vehicle, and move on with your life. Ken Nix works every claim himself to ensure we recover the maximum fair market value for you.

Why Hire Us?


Licensed Auto Appraiser for over 13 Years


Over 35 years Experience as a Professional Negotiator


Over 18 years Automotive sales Experience. Experience with all types of vehicles. Not just an ex estimator or adjuster.


Over 40 years of Automotive Experience


Professionally Trained One on One by Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, and Tom Stuker.


Worked with Hundreds of Dealer, GM's, and GSM's in Oregon, Washington and Idaho while employed with Reynolds and Reynolds.


Whether you're in Seattle, Bend, Eugene or Portland, Ken knows you're Used Car Market.

Vehicles We Sevice

We produce total loss appraisals for Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Corvette, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, International, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini-Cooper, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Peterbilt, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsche, RAM, Rolls Royce, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Shelby, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.

As well as older Diesel 1 ton and 3/4 ton Trucks with Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax Engines. We also provide Sprinter Van, Ram Promaster, VW Camper Vans, and other Conversion Van Total Loss Appraisals.

We also work Total Loss Claim Disputes on other specialty vehicles such as Heavy Trucks, Semi Trucks, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Collectible Vehicles, Exotic Cars, Motor Coaches, Work Vans, Commercial Vehicles, and many more.


Oregon Total loss auto appraiser Ken Nix, specializing in Total Loss Appraisals for vehicles.

  • Ken Nix is a local Oregon Certified and Licensed Vehicle appraiser since April of 2010 has been authorized by ODOT to appraise vehicles in Oregon for over 12 years.
  • Ken started in the automotive industry in the 1980s and has sold and appraised tens of thousands of vehicles including late model cars and trucks, Exotics, Muscle Cars, Street Rods, Vintage, Classics, Street Rods, Camper Conversions, and even Japanese right-hand drive vans while working for multiple franchises over 20 years. Ken is the independent appraiser chosen by Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for independent vehicle assessments.
  • Previously employed by Diversiform and Reynolds and Reynolds. Ken worked with local Automotive Dealers, Sales, Service and Body shops to market vehicles. Hundreds of Dealership owners, managers, and staff know and trust him. Ken also worked with Lanphere Enterprises, and many other local dealers to provide digital solutions for automotive marketing.
  • Ken is the founder of Volkswagen Owners Club, My GTI, and Jetta Junkie and was an Administrator for Autoguide.com for over 10 years.
  • Ken’s wife jokes that sometimes she’s married to Liam Neeson because Ken has a very particular set of skills, skills he’s acquired over a very long career.



Ken Nix's current Oregon Auto Appraisers Certification and License issued by ODOT

  • Ken has actual long term automotive sales, appraisal and negotiation experience. Beware long term businesses with inexperienced vehicle appraisers claiming decades of experience because a relative founded the business. Make sure your automotive appraiser has the real world experience to back up their claims.
  • Ken’s background in training salespeople on Product Knowledge, combined with auto body repair assessment experience and his computer background provides negotiating leverage over opposing appraisers. The ability to spot bad repairs from prior damage on an opposing appraiser’s comparables to discrediting salt state and flood damaged vehicles used by your insurance company’s valuations from CCC One and Mitchell / J.D. Powers to lowball your vehicle.
  • Expert Negotiator. Personally trained one on one by Zig Ziglar, Tom Stuker, and Grant Cordone. Over 45 years experience as a professional negotiator.
  • Ken’s Automotive, Computer Technology, Legal Reseach, and Negotiating background provides a very specific skill set that makes him a nightmare to opposing appraisers.


Recent Total Loss Claim Dispute Recoveries

G. Genauer – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: State Farm

Portland, Oregon
Vehicle: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI
Offer: $16,174
Settled Value: $20,500
Increase: $4,326.00

S. Mead – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: Geico

Prineville, Oregon
Vehicle: 5th Wheel Toy Hauler 2016 Keystone
Offer: $42,079
Settled Value: $51,700 – May 13, 2022
Increase: $9,621

S. Arkelian – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: Progressive

Portland, Oregon
Vehicle: 2018 RAM 2500 Laramie Crew Diesel 2500
Offer: $59,152.21
Settled Value: $65,625
– May 11, 2022
Increase: $6.472.79

M. Smith – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual

Portland, Oregon
Vehicle: 2003 Ford Super Duty F-250 King
Ranch Crew Cab
Offer: $14327.00
Settled Value: $19,995 – May 13, 2022
Increase: $5,668

C. Wilkinson – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: Progressive

Portland, Oregon
Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4 Door Crew Cab
Offer: $22,024.90
Settled Value: $31,500 – May 4, 2022
Increase: $9,475.10

K. Johnson – Total Loss Dispute
Insurance Company: Progressive

Portland, Oregon
Offer: $20,653.83
Settled Value: $29,500.00
Increase: $8,846.17


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